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Seneca Technologies

Providing Geographic Information Systems software and oil and gas information

Seneca WebGIS puts Oil and Gas information, property assessment data, and surface parcel boundaries at your fingertips with just a computer and internet connection. Create your own layers within our interface to share with colleagues. 

Save time by searching our online database of parcel information by county, district, surface ownership, mineral ownership, and more. Sort results, export into Excel format, click links to view the related tax maps or download and print the information.

SenecaInfo is a yearly subscription that gives users online access to our database of West Virginia well information. With SenecaInfo you can find records on West Virginia wells by searching a single or combination of well data fields.


FastIndex allows you to scan any paper document into your computer and index it by relevant fields. Search for individual invoices, customer files, patient records, and more, and have them immediately at hand.


Upgrade QuickBooks to be a complete joint interest accounting package.  Calculates working interest, override, and working interest payments.  Automatically calculate severance taxes, 1099s, and DEP reports.


Complete tracking system for conventional wells, meters, compressors, storage tanks, pump jacks, swabbing rigs, and hauling trucks. Set up the WellTrack app on your well tenders’ phones; track from the office.

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