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West Virginia

The All Encompassing Well Data Tool

SenecaGIS provides an easy way to access well locations, property assessment data, and surface parcel boundaries from your own computer. This GIS map runs in any web browser and comes pre-loaded with well, parcel, and production data. 

The product has recently been expanded to include historical farm line maps for various counties. SenecaGIS is a comprehensive visual well and land information tool that requires no pricey software or training, making it perfect for abstractors and research personnel.

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Accurate Information

Seneca offers the most accurate well and assessment data from West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Ohio, as well as plats, completion reports, and other well information from the 1920s on. It also provides access to parcel data, well logs, and well-production information with graphs.

Powerful Features

With SenecaGIS, you can get information quickly, follow links directly from the map, draw on the map, edit your drawings, add custom labels, print maps, create custom layers, and more. We designed these features to be versatile so you can use them in domains beyond oil and gas.

Intuitive Interface

The most common tools and functionality of costly GIS software are part of our easy-to-learn and user-friendly interface. A convenient help menu offers further explanations of tools, and our team is readily available to help answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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