North Central WV Lease And Pooling Data Now Available

Seneca Technologies is excited to offer our subscribers exclusive access to two exciting new research tools for mineral ownership research.

Courthouse Index – Leases and Assignments

Cut the initial research and screening process down from days to minutes with the Courthouse Index of 14 counties in North Central WV. Mineral buyers can click a parcel from the WebGIS Interface to instantly see associated activity including leases, amendments, modifications, assignments, and more. Search courthouse filings by grantor/grantee, book and page, date, and even legal description. View the detail on a grantor to see their activity across the region. Have an accurate picture of the owner’s interests and lease history before you pick up the phone.

Unit Boundaries – Unit and Pooling Data

Precisely target properties for open acreage with the Unit Boundaries Dataset. View unit boundaries overlaid on the Seneca WebGIS surface parcels, farm line maps, production, and other information to get a complete picture of each drilling unit. Click the unit to view the amended unit declaration, complete with attachments. Combine this data with the Data Perspectives’ Courthouse Index to research the underlying leases and quickly evaluate the ownership and net unit acreage of individual mineral interests.

Unit Boundaries

For more information and your free trial, please contact Seneca Technologies at (304) 622-7985 or email

Unit Boundaries
Units with Surface Parcels
Courthouse Index
Unit Declarations

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