Free West Virginia Parcel Mapping

Search parcel information by county, district, surface ownership, mineral ownership, and more.  Download and print parcel maps to PDF.  100% Free.

Why are we giving Seneca Courthouse away for Free?

We are data people, not marketing people.  Rather than try to sell you on our services sight unseen, we would like to give you our basic product for free.

Our services are addictive.

Our goal is for you to use the service every day, for you to upgrade for even more features.  Seneca Courthouse Pro includes 12+ years of historical assessment information, larger result sets, data exports, and advanced printing features.

Move to the next level.

Would you like to find and map parcels by watershed?  Search for leases by mineral owner or farm name?  Move up to the next level of mineral research.  Seneca WebGIS upgrades Seneca Courthouse with next level tools.  Access farmline maps searchable by farm name and acreage.  View and search well locations and documents by farm name, acreage, and more.  Verify property boundaries using historical documents.

Cut your research time weeks to hours.

Are you buying mineral assets?  Call us for access to unit boundaries, courthouse information, indexes of leases, wills, and deeds.

Thank you for your interest.

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